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European Maritime Day


The themes of workshops

We require workshops to have a European dimension and an interactive format that engages the audience and aims to showcase practical solutions/good practices as well as deliver actionable conclusions.

We require that workshops have a maximum of 4 speakers and provide a minimum of 30 minutes discussion time.

Workshop themes

Workshop organisers shall apply under one of the following possible themes:

  1. Blue biotechnology / aquaculture and fisheries / algae
  2. Maritime security / surveillance
  3. Marine renewables / alternative fuels / energy transition / decarbonisation
  4. Marine Research / innovation / technology / observation
  5. Maritime Spatial Planning/ Civil Society and stakeholder relations
  6. Responsible food systems / Biodiversity

Selection criteria

The organisers will explain how their workshop  aligns with the theme selected

Co-operation between organisations: joint proposals are also welcome.

Only proposals submitted before the deadline (13 December 2022 – 23h59) and through the online form can be taken into consideration.

Usually we receive around 50 proposals. Every proposal is assessed and approved to the extent to which:

  • It contributes to one of the themes, sets out clear and relevant objectives and invites high-quality speakers from the public and private sectors and ensures equal gender representation. 
  • The format of the workshop is interactive, engaging, showcased practical solutions/good practices and/or actionable conclusions. 


  1. 27 October 2022
    Launch of call for workshops
  2. 13 December 2022 23h59
    Deadline for submission of application for workshops
  3. Early 2023
    Selection of workshops
  4. Beginning of 2023
    We try to include as many originally proposed workshops as possible in the EMD programme.

    To avoid overlapping we sometimes ask similarly themed workshops to merge.

  5. End of March 2023
    Information on the workshops is finalised and announced.


Workshop coordinators

They design an interactive workshop, define the objective(s), identify speakers and send an application to the European Commission. 

After the selection of the workshops coordinators finalise the organisation of their workshop and send the final workshop programme including the title of the workshop, name of moderator, and the list of speakers to the European Commission. 

Coordinators must organise the content, speakers and moderator of their workshops and are expected to promote and publicise it among their networks.

European Commission

The European Commission ensures the general coordination and information for the workshops and provides the logistics related to the rooms, equipment (computer, screen, WiFi, sound equipment), catering and communication with the European maritime community. 

Please note that travel and accommodation for speakers is not covered by the conference budget.

Privacy statement

27 OCTOBER 2022
Privacy statement 2023
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