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European Maritime Day

About the European Maritime Day

20 May is European Maritime Day.

Established in 2008, European Maritime Day (EMD) is the annual EU meeting point on maritime affairs and sustainable blue growth, and the place where ‘Ocean Leaders Meet’ as the slogan goes. It is also a public event reaching out to young people and citizens across Europe through local events under the ‘EMD in my Country’ label.

EMD has not only enabled many project partnerships and co-operations among stakeholders, it has also contributed to getting the need of sustainable management of ocean resources higher on the EU’s agenda.

Stakeholders generally find the European Maritime Day a great opportunity to touch base with strategic partners, to make new contacts and network, get visibility for their projects, ideas, activities and achievements, gain new insights into the evolving EU policy and funding landscape and provide input into European Maritime Policy formulation. 


  1. 2023
  2. 2022

    Sustainable blue economy for green recovery

  3. 2021
    Den Helder

    Towards a sustainable blue economy and ocean literacy for all

  4. 2020

    Because of the coronavirus and social distancing rules, the event was cancelled

  5. 2019

    Blue entrepreneurship, research, innovation and investment to boost sustainable technologies and emerging value chains in the wider ocean economy. 

  6. 2018

    A blue growth Initiative for research and innovation in the Black Sea

  7. 2017

    The future of our seas. The European Maritime Day celebrated its tenth anniversary.

  8. 2016

    Investing in blue growth – smart and sustainable solutions

  9. 2015

    Ports and coasts, gateways to maritime growth

  10. 2014

    Innovation driving blue growth

  11. 2013

    Coastal development and sustainable maritime tourism

  12. 2012

    Sustainable growth from the oceans, seas and coasts

  13. 2011

    Maritime policy: putting people first

  14. 2010

    How to foster innovation?

  15. 2009

    Integrated maritime policy and the contribution of maritime clusters

  16. 2008

    A regional approach to the implementation of maritime policy