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European Maritime Day
European Maritime Day In My Country

Events for the European Maritime Day In My Country 2024 will take place all over Europe from 1 April until 31 October 2024.  

22 MAY 2024
EMD In My Country events per date - 2024
22 MAY 2024
EMD In My Country events per country - 2024


European Maritime Day In My Country events aim to raise awareness about the importance of the oceans and seas and to engage the public, particularly young people.  

The objective is for people to realise that activities at sea (coastal tourism, fishing, sailing, shipping, offshore renewable energy, aquaculture etc.) are key for the EU’s citizens and economies. The EU has 68,000 km of coastline and about one third of the EU population lives within 50 km of the coast.

The European Maritime Day in My Country events are the public side of the European Maritime Day, the annual two-day event organised by the European Commission during which the Europe’s maritime community is invited to network, discuss and outline action on maritime affairs. 

Since the first edition in 2018, the number of European Maritime Day in My Country events has increased significantly, with a wide range of activities such as beach clean-ups, guided tours, art exhibitions, workshops, and conferences.  

In 2023, 494 events were organised in 31 countries, both in the EU and outside the EU.  

Why organise a European Maritime Day In My Country event? 

It is an opportunity to give visibility to your actions related to the ocean and maritime activities, to share your ideas and debate solutions with the public, especially the younger generation. 

What kind of events can be organised? 

Any event related to the theme of the sea can be organised. For example, it can be 

  • information activities on maritime issues  

  • information activities on ocean literacy 

  • activities for schools 

  • activities with art: art contests, exhibitions, photo competition, drawing competition dance performances 

  • beach, riverbank or underwater clean-ups 

  • visits of ports and marinas, maritime museums, former ships, shipyards

  • sailing, surfing or kite surfing lessons for children 

  • eco-tours and walks in areas with significant maritime heritage

  • excursions by boat 

  • workshop or seminars 

Events can be one site, virtual or hybrid.  

Who can organise an event? 

Anyone can organise a European Maritime Day in My Country event, and it can target any audience as long as the activity clearly highlights the importance of the ocean and maritime issues.  

Event can be organised by educational institutions, public bodies, energy agencies, trade or industry organisations, businesses, NGOs, EU project partners, associations or networks, or citizens. 

When and where should the event take place? 

The event should take place from 1 April to 31 October 2024, in the EU or outside the EU. 

Events can be one site, virtual or hybrid. 

How will your event be promoted? 

By registering your event, it will be prominently featured on the European Maritime Day website through an interactive map. 

Event organisers will also receive a communication package (visuals and social media material) to help them disseminate their event(s), as well as a certificate of participation from the European Commission. 

If you are a regular European Maritime Day In My Country event organiser who has participated in past editions, we advise you to use the newly available materials and discard any from previous editions. 

Please note that the branded materials come with guidelines that must be followed. Misuse of the elements provided may be considered fraudulent, leading to a review of your event by the European Commission and its possible removal from the list of events.  

Is there financial support for the event? 

No. But you will receive a set of promotional material, including sustainable branded cotton bags, notebooks and a European flag.  

How to apply to have a European Maritime Day in My Country event?  

You can apply by completing the online registration form. The information provided in the form should be in English, even if the event will be conducted in another language. 

You may apply to organise more than one European Maritime Day in My Country event. If your event takes place in different locations, you can add them in the form. This will help people locate your events on the interactive map.  

What is the deadline for applying? 

The deadline to apply was 15 March 2024

Past events

Past European Maritime Day in My Country events.


European Maritime day In My Country – EMD IMC (local events)

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